CyberSANE at ENISA-EC3 Workshop

The 16th September 2020, CyberSANE will participate in the 9th ENISA-EC3 Workshop: CSIRTs and LE Cooperation. This virtual workshop will explore and discuss the various areas of cooperation and expertise between national and governmental Computer Security Incident Response Teams (CSRITs) in Europe and their Law Enforcement (LE) counterparts. Visit their…

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CyberSANE at the CS4CA European Summit

    The 6th and 7th October 2020, CyberSANE will participate in the 7th annual Cyber Security For Critical Assts (CS4CA) European Summit in London. During this virtual event, CyberSANE will participate in a case study entitled “Cyber Security Incident Handling, Warning and Response System for the European Critical Infrastructures:…

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International Women’s Day 2020

CyberSANE joined the 2020 word wide campaign on Twitter for international Women’s Day celebrating women’s achievements in Cyber-Security and IT. We were lucky to present three ladies who are part of our project, as well as three historical figures who had an impact on the history of IT and Cyber-Security.…

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Second Technical Meeting


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The second technical meeting for the CyberSANE project took place in Valencia, Spain, hosted by Valenciaport Foundation. During the three days, the current status of the three reference scenarios and their requirements were presented. This was followed by a debate allowing the three pilots to update and complete their requirements…

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First Technical Meeting

Technical Architecture Discussion

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The first technical meeting for the CyberSANE project took place in Athens, Greece, organised by UBITECH. During the two days, the advancement of the project was presented, the different use case scenarios were shared between partners and the different different CyberSANE tools were shown. The meeting ended with discussions regarding…

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Project Kick Off

Kick Off Participants

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On the 10th and 11th September 2019, the CyberSANE project took to the sky. The kick off meeting between the different partners took place in the city of Heraklion in Crete, Greece. During this encounter, the overall outlines and objectives of the project were presented as well as the different…

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