Solar Energy Production, Storage and Distribution Service


LSE Pilot

Lightsource Labs from Ireland provide solar energy production, storage and distribution services. They operate an integrated platform (SIDE/Smartly Integrated Distributed Energy platform) as well as a number of digital services such as helping secure the electrical grid and reducing the cost of electricity. Their SIDE platform constitutes a smart software-hardware solution optimised for Grid-2-Home/Home-2-Grid distributed generation system. To do so, the platform incorporates a bundle of components such as :

  • Range of web apps for the end user (SIDE UIs)
    Enable users to see real-time power flow between the solar system, battery and the household grid.
  • SIDE Gateway
    Intermediate device between internal devices (sensors, smart meters, etc.) and the SIDE Platform which created data values from date control and collection.
  • SIDE Virtual Power Plant (VPP)
    Cloud infrastructure and software platform which operates a smart grid network of distributed assets interconnected securely via the SIDE Gateway.
    Bespoke back-office CRM application for the automation of the entire business process.
  • SIDE IoT Platform and SIDE Panel
    Abstract software framework (SIDE IoT) and Electrical panel (SIDE Panel) designed to accelerate the system installation process as well as eliminate connectivity errors.
  • Against back-end SIDE Platform
    Gaining unauthenticated remote access to IoT components and other entities to disrupt services and change their date set points or state.
  • Against IT and communication systems
    Used to process sensed data and transmit them to corresponding IT systems.
Pilot Case Study:

The Energy Pilot Case Study took place online via Teams on the 5th April 2022. Click here to view the list of speakers and a recording of the event.

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