Cyber Attack A01For the CyberSANE project to succeed, multiple objectives must be reached. These objectives are as follows:

  • Optimisation of collaboration and the promotion of effective interaction among CII operators.
  • Development of Advanced Persistent Threats taxonomy and models for CIIs.
  • Uniting Web crawling and data aggregation technologies for necessary semantic structure, representation, convention and tool creation for data pulling, cleansing, analysis and interlinking.
  • Development of Correlation Techniques for optimisation of automatic analysis of huge quantities of events, information and evidence combining both structure and unstructured data in a privacy-aware manner for malicious action identification in cyber assets such as abnormal behaviour.
  • Specification of appropriate forecasting procedures and models which assist CII operators and security experts.
  • Establishment of a Simulation Environment allowing investigators to design, model and execute simulations for the detection, analysis, visualisation, containing and eradication of security events and propagation effects.
  • Enabling identification and standardisation of required information for sharing with relevant parties.
  • Promotion and facilitation of trusted, secure and privacy aware data communication, maintenance and storage of forensic artefacts and evidential data.
  • Integration of CyberSANE components into the CyberSANE system (TRL6)
  • Deployment and Validation of the CyberSANE system in real operational environments.

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