Protecting Transport CIIs: Challenges and Obstacles


The CyberSANE platform developed within the project is going to be deployed and tested in three different real domains: transport, energy and health. The first of them is the container cargo transportation pilot developed in the port of Valencia and related to a platform for sharing data related to the weight certificate.

In order to comply with the international regulation for loading full container in vessels, Fundacion Valenciaport developed conPESO. It is an electronic platform that facilitates the compliance of SOLAS regulations on weighing containers for the port logistics community. The platform offers users an effective solution to allow containers to arrive at the port with Verified Gross Mass (VGM), reducing last minute incidents or delays at container terminals or the appearance of congestion situations. The data can be automatically shared among all the involved actors.

The demonstration event for this CyberSANE pilot was on 2nd February 2022. The platform was implemented on Valencia port premises to show the main system capabilities to port and logistic stakeholders.

During the design and preparation phase of the different attack scenarios for the pilot the project partners identified several challenges that needed to be solved before performing the demonstration:

  • The first challenge was the very definition of the scenarios. Several workshops amongst CyberSANE partners took place to define the final scenarios and detect any vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks of the available infrastructure at our premises.

  • Other relevant challenge is to execute demonstrations in critical infrastructures. It is not easy to get the proper authorizations on time and the available equipment to replicate the defined scenarios. In addition, the data on these systems may be confidential or even critical for security reasons. A main objective for demo purposes was to select processes with non-sensitive data.

  • Finally, this was the first demonstration of the three pilots so the platform was in an alpha version. That means some issues and bugs can arise because of the integration of the different tools. Furthermore, each tool is owned by different project partners, so bilateral meetings were needed to solve issues related to the deployment, integration and execution.

Although this type of problems can occur in any research project or new product development the container cargo transportation pilot was a success! If you couldn’t attend it, you can see the recording in the following link:

CyberSANE Pilot Case Study

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