CyberSANE at Webinar 2020


Updated 3rd November 2020

The 29th October 2020, CyberSANE participated in’s 2020 Webinar entitled “Effective protection of Critical Infrastructures against cyber threats” along with CYBERWISER , REACT and ECSO.

We were represented by Spyros Papastergiou from Maggioli.

Visit’s website to see the speakers slides and view a recording of the presentation.

What is 2020 Webinar?

Critical Infrastructures nowadays rely on advanced technologies and robust ICT components for managing efficiently the large amounts of data that are necessary for the daily operations, communications, and in general, to provide different kinds of services depending on the specific sector of their activity such as energy, water, health, finance, transportation, among many others.

The high use of technologies combined with the use of smart devices and different types of software and hardware makes Critical Infrastructures a vulnerable target to every day more sophisticated attacks coming from hackers and cybercriminals. During September 2020, fourteen attacks were reported by the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) and all of them targeted Critical Infrastructures not only from the European Member States but around the world (e.g. ransomware attack on a German hospital which may have led to the death of a patient; the French shipping company CMA CGM SA saw two of its subsidiaries in Asia hit with a ransomware attack that caused significant disruptions to IT networks; and two sets of cyberattacks targeting emails of several members and employees of the Norwegian parliament and public employees in the Hedmark region).

Fortunately, the European Commission understands the importance of effectively protecting these infrastructures providing essential services to citizens, hence their investment on innovative systems contributing to tackling this situation. Join us on this interesting webinar where the projects CyberSANE, CYBERWISER , REACT and ECSO will present their ambition and approach to providing Critical Infrastructures with advanced systems for timely detection, monitoring, handling and treating different risks and attacks.

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