CyberSANE on Euradio


On the 28th January 2022, CyberSANE was presented on the French radio channel Euradio for Data Privacy Day. We were represented by three of our partners from Inria:

  • Nathalie Mitton
  • Valeria Loscri
  • Edward Staddon

During their interview, they talked about the context and advancements of the CyberSANE project as well as their work revolving around securing wireless communications in the context of IoT networks.

What is Euradio?

Euradio is the first European generalised and independent radio channel in France. Being transmitted both on FM and DAB+ radio in over 15 French towns, they talk not only about what is happening in France, but also news regarding their EU neighbours, as well as local and far out initiatives. Euradio also prides themselves with a high level of European diversity, with musical playlists coming from a multitude of EU countries. Some of their goals concern:

  • Freeing energies, opening debates, promoting exchanges and creating proximity
  • Informing about what Europe genuinely does at the territory or metropolitan level as well as in the daily lives of its citizens
  • Sharing of ideas and experiences from across Europe
  • Providing insights and promoting solutions to specific issues
  • Raising the expectations of citizens regarding the EU project
  • Training a new generations of journalises on major European issues

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