CyberSANE at the 34th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications


Updated 11th October 2021

The 15th to the 17th April 2020, CyberSANE was to participate in the 34th International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2020) and its Workshops (WAINA-2020) at the University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” in Caserta, Italy. However, due to the apparition of COVID-19, the conference and subsequent workshops were cancelled.

During this event, four papers were to be presented to the other participants, the first in the AINA-2020 conference and the other three at the WAINA-2020 workshops:

  • Code Reordering Obfuscation Technique Detection by Means of Weak Bisimulation
    Giuseppe Crincoli1, Tiziano Marinaro1, Fabio Martinelli2, Francesco Mercaldo2,1 & Antonella Santone1
  • Colluding Android Apps Detection via Model Checking
    Rosangela Casolare1, Fabio Martinell2, Francesco Mercaldo2,1, Vittoria Nardone3 & Antonella Santone1
  • Towards the Use of Generative Adversarial Neural Networks to Attack Online Resources
    Lelio Campanile4, Mauro Iacono4, Fabio Martinelli2, Fiammetta Marulli4, Michele Mastroianni4, Francesco Mercaldo2,1 & Antonella Santone1
  • Predicting Probability of Default Under IFRS 9 Through Data Mining Techniques
    Fabio Martinelli2, Francesco Mercaldo2,1, Domenico Raucci5 & Antonella Santone1

1 University of Molise, Italy
2 CNR, Italy
3 University of Sannio, Italy
4 University of Milan, Italy
5 D’Annunzio University, Italy

What are AINA-2020 and WAINA-2020?

Message from event organisers:

The situation of COVID-19 in Italy is worsening. The Italian government has declared Italy as exclusion zone. After discussing with Local Organizers and Steering Committee, we decided to cancel AINA-2020. However by our contract with Springer, we will publish all papers in AINA-2020 and WAINA-2020 Proceedings. The proceedings will be published in Springer Series “Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing”.

The International Conference on Advanced Information Networking and Applications (AINA-2020) will be held at University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Caserta, Italy, April 15 to April 17, 2020. This is the 34-th edition of AINA. The conference covers theory, design and application of computer networks and distributed computing and information systems. Aside from the regular presentations, the conference will include keynote addresses with speakers from both industry and academia.

In conjunction with the AINA-2020 conference, some number of workshops will be held.

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